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What is a Timber Frame Hybrid?
The definition of a timber frame home is not specific. The term has various interpretations and hybrids should be viewed with basic knowledge of different types of home construction.A hybrid can refer to a structure that uses standard stick frame construction with areas or wings of timber frame or log construction. It can also mean that a home is constructed with both log and timber frame components. A third definition incorporates conventional framing with decorative, non-structural log and timber elements.Timber Framing Combined With Conventional Framed Building SectionsUsing the proper construction and engineering methods, a home can be built with both conventional framing and timber framed areas. Since these building methods are quite diverse, the settling rate of the two styles can vary. They also must be engineered to accommodate for differences in stress load and structural load dynamics. An engineer or architect competent in both styles of construction is necessary to blend properly these two dissimilar methods of construction.One design option is to build the main portion of the house with timber framing. This encompasses the main living and entertaining areas such as a great room, dining room and kitchen. Wings for private quarters such as bedrooms and baths are constructed with stick frame building methods. This adds drama to the public areas and highlights the expansive beams and truss work to full advantage.

Timber Frame And Log Construction

An interesting and popular look is the combination of a log and timber frame home. These two styles work easily with each other, combining the structurally appealing presentation of exposed beams and truss work with the rustic charm of log wall construction. Timber framing can be finished in many ways from rough-sawn, natural texture to sanded and oiled surfaces for a more polished appearance.

Combining these two styles of construction is a well-matched, aesthetically appealing choice. Many firms work with both timber framing and log home construction, so one company may be able to handle the entire construction project.

Conventional Framing With Timber Frame Decorative Elements

Adding decorative timber frame elements to a conventionally built structure is the least expensive way to add a dramatic, substantial appearance to any home. These design elements do not serve as support members or load bearing walls, but can easily be added to add the look of hand construction without additional cost and labor.

You can add timber framing in a number of ways. Timber frame components in visible areas can be as simple as substantial wood brackets and bracings. A covered porch, entryway or exposed trusses and ceiling beams can be used to accent stick frame houses.

Using a hybrid of construction methods gives a homeowner an almost unlimited range of building materials. These can include timber, logs, steel, stone and glass. This array of materials adds to the flexibility a designer or architect has in creating a unique structure that embodies a family’s personality and lifestyle.